Jeweller Gemma Champ works at her bench to create pieces for Alexandra Cordon jewellery

About Alexandra Cordon

Alexandra Cordon jewellery is handmade by Gemma Champ at the heart of London’s jewellery district.

A former fashion journalist, writer and artist, Gemma has a lifelong fascination with the arts of adornment, from classical statuary and Tudor portraiture to the catwalks of Paris, Milan, New York and London. 

But it is the votive creatures, tiny sculptures and jewels of the ancient civilisations of Egypt, Greece, Rome and the Middle East that inspire her jewellery.

Creating a modern mythology in jewels, Gemma’s work explores the human story through the contemporary lens of bespoke and one-of-a-kind pieces. 

From tiny families of golden ducks to strong, proud felines, sinuous serpents to implacable owls, these compelling, covetable creatures act as a comfort, a companion and a precious talisman for their owners.

And the name Alexandra Cordon? They are Gemma’s middle names – reclaimed and recycled, like the gems and precious metals she uses.

Making ethical fine jewellery

Alexandra Cordon is built from a starting principle of ‘do no harm in the process of making jewellery’, and every effort is made to source ethically. 

Ethical sourcing of gems and gold is a complex field due to opaque supply chains. At Alexandra Cordon, gold and silver is recycled, while gems and pearls are either reclaimed, deadstock, lab-grown or sourced new from small-scale and trusted ethical providers. 

Within London, deliveries are either done by bike or e-bike, and the most eco-friendly option will always be chosen for courier or postal deliveries.

Jeweller Gemma Champ uses stone-carving techniques to adapt a piece of vintage Marlborough chrysoprase for Alexandra Cordon jewellery.